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It has often been said that music streaming services are not fair, and that recommender algorithms make them even more unfair. In the EU research project “Fair MusE” we examine this question of fairness scientifically – with your help!

You can help gaining more fairness for music creators by sharing your music streaming data with the research project.

By analysing your data, and by comparing it with data from 1000 other users across Europe, we hope to be able to find out how the music recommendation algorithms work, and find out whether streaming can be more fair.

If you want to participate:

1. Create a login to this portal

2. Choose your streaming service from the list below and ask for your data

3. Wait some days for the data to get ready for download

4. When you get your data: Upload the data to this portal 

5. When we have processed your data: See your music habits visualised and explore the diversity and fairness of your listening

Your privacy: We do not share your data or attribute your information to you. Your personal music data is used only within the Fair MusE project. We abide by GDPR for the secure storage and processing of your information. 

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